It is absolutely essential to ensure that the goods produced are of the right quality to ensure trouble free operation at site. It is also essential that the inputs used meet stringent quality requirement, which is a prerequisite for meeting the finished product specifications. To fulfill this important requirement Trublutech has a well laid out process :

  • Every raw material purchased has laid down specifications.

  • Vendors provide quality certificate with each of their consignment

  • Vendors that provide quality certificate are preferred.

  • Goods not meeting our specification are rejected and not used.

  • Raw materials that have minor deviations are used only with the proper approvals.

  • Production manufactures the products strictly as per the procedure laid down in the Production Manual.

  • Finished product is analyzed in totality as per the specifications laid down in the Finished Products manual

  • Only products that meet the specifications in all respects are cleared for further dispatch.

  • A sample from every batch that has been cleared for dispatch is retained for future reference and complaints, if any.

  • Random sampling of packed batches and their analysis are conducted periodically.

  • Every consignment is accompanied with a Certificate of Quality.

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